Black Bloods

Black Bloods are the common name given to the humanoid races, including orcs, ogres, trolls, and hobgoblins.
Toruk serves as the homeland and power base for these races, however the ruling class are undead.

Orcs are normally hairless as a race, but have developed symbiotic relationships with a species called Shrills. These creatures imbed themselves into the orcs skin, and serve as hair, while gaining nutrients slowly, with no apparent ill effects for the orcs. Variants in shrill colors can create variants in orc colors, from dark ebony spikes to bright orange or blue.
Common crops are grown in subterrean caverns as the climate of Toruk sporadic volcanic eruptions cause sporadic plant life eradication. Several types of fungus are grown and bred, and harvested by undead and slave labor.
A favorite of living orcs are several types of brewed fungus beer. Some of these have halucinogenic properties, and many a battlefield berzerker gets drunk on these libations prior to battle.

The Thra(see picture to right) are a common livestock animal utilized by orcs and ogres, which are extremely aggressive, and average the size of goats or large dogs. Their hides can be utilized for sturdy boots and leather armors.

Because of the volcanic fires of Toruk many of the iron and steel forged goods are extremely durable, and metal goods forged here add +2 to their Hardness values.


The Fires of Toruk are a group of Black Bloods that ritually scar themselves using the fires from the volcanoes. Known as some of the most bloodthirsty warriors from the living, these warriors specialize in leaving paths of destruction, with no survivors. Many of the Black Blood races are recruited from this group to become Death Knights.

The Apok are a secret clan of warrior that wear strange masks and exhibit strange powers. It is unknown if these powers stem from their masks, it’s members, or some other source. Rumored to make pacts with demons, their powers over shadows are unrivaled.

Black Bloods

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