Population 1,530,000
Ruler: King Benewic
Languages tradespeak (primary), gutterspeak
Geography(terrain) mountains and hills, lowlands and coniferous rainforests
Standing army 10,000
Natural resources coal, sulfur, aluminum ore, iron ore, clays, salt, timber, arable land
Imports livestock, alcohol
Exports iron and timber

Capital city: Shekel
Ireana Vankaster (deposed), Solovin Vankaster (ursurper)


Shekel is the capital city of Cromis, and the rune stones surrounding it were sabotaged to allow an invading force of undead and gargoyle soldiers into the city. This renegade force was in all actuality Ireana’s brother, and arrived shortly after the untimely and suspicious death’s of her parents. Currently the city is besieged by at least 3 armies, an assault force from Kossite, a crusade from Umbrea, and an invasion force from Yeahk-Nark.


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