The first record of civilization was left by an empire of elves, which were able to create magic items that no longer required the expenditure of power to create, provided they were within the vicinity of an attuned magic anchor. To further their conquests, the elves developed massive flying cities and airships to carry these anchors into battle. The Rakshasa grew jealous of the elves, so used their mastery of the elements to deprive the elves of rain and water. This became known as the Age of Dust.

A combined elf and dwarf alliance were able to defeat the Rakshasa, but at great cost to the elves, whose entire species were almost eradicated.

The Age of Fire, in which the Dragons grew tired of the diminutive races that inhabited the world. Decades of servitude to these massive overlords were fought in unending wars to dominate prime hunting grounds, raw and mined ores and to expand hordes. Power bases were fought, not by dragons, but by the races they ruled over.
During this time, the Elven gods came to the elves and foretold that by teaching humans the way of magic, their races again could live free. Slowly but surely the knowledge of magic spread through the races of man, and after only a generation, were able to combine their efforts with the engineering of dwarves to throw off the shackles of the dragon overlords.

The next age, The Age of Darkness, the Empire known as the Parliament of Trees began its conquest across the known empire. A combined force of human and dwarves were unable to repel the forces of plants. Only through an unknown intervention were the Trees repelled. The world was enshrouded in darkness, for 30 days and nights the sun did not rise, and the Parliament was all but wiped out. This also caused widespread plagues, famine, and chaos and food stores were depleted as the kingdoms crops were decimated.

At present is the Age of Shadow, King Povros has died, and with no immediate heir, and the nature of his death suspicious, the kingdom has divided into several civil wars as each attempts to grasp the kingdom’s reins.






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