Shadows and Steam

Dinosaurs, Catfolk, and Lizardmen

The ladies awoke on the sandy shore of an island, and had to avoid being giant crab food. Recovering some supplies and their weapons from the surf they realized two things, that Grixl was naked, and Rosie was missing. They found some tracks leading into the jungle, but they appeared to be Owlbears. The only sign of Rosie was a torn and bloodied piece of her coat.
Gwenefar tracked a path into the jungle and they were attacked by a pair of raptors.
Gwenefar was able to befriend one of them and the group killed the other before it could make them it’s meal. They also found a catfolk who had been attacked by the raptors and healed her wounds. She spoke an elven dialect, and it was decided to return to the ship wreck where they had left Grixl and Maheem to build camp.
Maheem had recovered one of the spider silk sails from the ship, and they had build a makeshift shelter and fire.
Tiyeri, the catfolk they had saved from raptors, explained how elves had been a powerful force long ago on their island, but had returned to their homeland.
The group split up, Gwenefar and her new raptor pal continued to track Rosie and Owlbear further into the jungles, while the rest of the group went to the catfolk encampment.
Gwenefar was appraoched by a lizardman scout, but was unable to understand him. Following him, he led her to a massive ziggurat and lizardman village. Here she was able to speak with a shaman and discovered that lizardman scouts had seen owlbear and tracked him to one of their temples. Gwenefar set out to the temple while the rest of the party escorted Tiyeri through the jungle she helped them avoid some larger predators, and they made their way to a valley of giant centipedes. The party attempted to evade the centipede attacks but Maheem was poisoned and killed. Finally arriving at the catfolk enclave, the group was able to finally get some much needed rest.


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