Shadows and Steam

Tower of Evil

The party scouted around the wailing tower, finding a zombie ogre and a skeletal ettin. Unfortunately, the wailing appeared to be affecting their minds, and Eby stood dumbfounded as the zombie ogre closed the distance to engage her in battle. With support from Grixl, Tael, Lillith, and Gwenefar’s ghost, the undead were destroyed. Gwenefar and Eby searched for an entrance into the tower, and found no doors at ground level. Eby began climbing the tower, and reached an entrance on an upper level. To her surprise, upon reaching the opening, there was an invisible wall of force protruding out from the opening. Eby was able to climb around the wall and up into the tower, and was suddenly attacked by an invisible being. Eby was able to land a few solid blows, against all odds, on the invisible creature as the rest of the group followed her up the tower. From the center of the room was a round opening, leading further into darkness and the base of the tower, from this flew an undead creature, cold malice leaching the very life from the group as the fighting escalated.
The party was able to defeat both the invisible creature and the undead necromancer, and found a huddled group of half starved people, kids, and zombies in the base of the tower. It appeared to be a zombie creating and training area. The children were gathered, and fed, and Tael made them some make shift clothes. Tael was also able to locate some ghost rock and began working on the ritual to restore Gwenefar to her body and life. Over the days the group stayed in the tower, a horde of orc zombies appeared to take notice of them, and gathered at the base of the tower, clawing at it’s walls. After restoring Gwenefar to life, the group decided rather than climb back down and sail for home, they would pass through a magical portal that was in the shrieking tower. As they passed through, they tumbled out into a snow filled woods. After determining their surroundings, Gwenefar was able to scout out a path leading down the forest mountain. Upon reaching the break in the trees the party located a makeshift battlement and further from this hamlet, a camp of tents and gnolls. The group was set upon by a gnoll war party and captured. Upon questioning they were unable to determine what was happening, but were taken as spies and Grixl was executed by a war leader. Enraged, Eby broke her bonds, picked up her discarded axe, and set upon her captors. The group eventually fought their way free, and fled towards the make shift battlements. There the group was met by several of Eby’s tribe, who had set out to find her and her father, as well as the towns people who had fled a meteor strike within the town. They explained a strange coldness growing from the rock strike and the incursion of the gnollish force.


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