Shadows and Steam

Closer to a Ghostrock Goal

The party arrives at on the shores of Karak, but not unnoticed. An ork fleet was spotted off in the distance and their sails turned to meet the wind and bring them to the ship.
Using the magic of their elven folding boat, reverted their elven ship to a large acorn, and dropped into the surf.
and make their way inland. Gwenefar started scouting out roads, paths, or signs of life, or in this case unlife while the rest of the party began setting up camp. Finding a lava tube, they made their way inland. That evening they were set upon by orc merchantmen. It appears that one of the ships had located them ashore. The party was able to successfully defend themselves and made short work of the orcs. The party located a section of the lava tube filled with poisonous gas, but were able to circumnavigate it. The following day the party encountered a ghoul scout group that attacked them savagely, but again the party was triumphant.
As they came clear of the lava tube high above sea level in rumbling mountains and volcanoes, they spot a tower full of shrieking holes, guarded by an ogre zombie.


KingStupid KingStupid

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