Shadows and Steam


The ladies began their plot for mutiny against the pirates, plotting with their fellow crew and captives. Now that the crews had been divided between two ships running on skeleton crews, the ladies were being worked to exhaustion.
Eby was sent below to clear out some bilge rats, but found that it wasn’t rodents, but a group of pirates with knives set upon her. Eby made quick work of these thugs and discovered that Master Plugg had arranged the assassination attempt on Eby.

That afternoon a storm rolled in, and Scourge finally made an attempt to rid himself of Eby and her friends. As the storm raged, Eby and Scourge battled on deck. As Eby brought her blade down dealing a killing blow to Scourge, lightning struck the mast of the ship.
The ship caught fire and began to list heavily.
The remaining crew awoke on the beach of an unknown shore, the ship run aground offshore, and their clothes in tatters.


KingStupid KingStupid

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