Shadows and Steam


While ridding the bilges of giant rats, the crew noticed a hidden cache, and upon opening the door to it, found a smuggling compartment filled with different animals, including a beaten, and masked Grixl. The crew fed Grixl and summoned some water to quench his thirst, and promised to help him escape.
That evening Eby fought Owlbear in a boxing match, defeating him soundly and winning the purse fronted by Scourge.

The following day the crew underwent piracy training, and was knocked about as they attempted to board their own ship with rope and hooks from a nearby lifeboat. Eby and Rosie again prove their climbing abilities, while Lillith and Gwenefar struggle to climb to the ships deck as rotten fruit and detritus are thrown at them.
A few days later the ship spots a target and piracy commences. It is decided Eby will lead the boarding party from her performance during the previous boarding training.
As the Tempest closes in on the vessel, it is clear that it is not a human but a Kossite vessel. They board the ship and fight several thriae. During the fight Gwenafar shouted warning to Captain Harrigan, and was rewarded with an amulet of armor.

Booty was distributed and a skeleton crew was assigned to the newly taken ship, the Amber. The crew were instructed to take her into port to be sold off and Captain Harrigan would then meet Scourge at port Blood.
Eby and Lillith smuggled Grixl aboard the ship in a chum barrel and the ships parted.


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