Empires of the High King
Capital City – Middlesteel
One of the largest cities in the known world. Previously the seat of the empire from which the High King ruled. Divided into 4 districts:
The Holy City – ruled by the 12 regional houses, this district holds the city’s main war mage garrison, several universities and libraries, and the city infrastructure and government buildings.
The Outer City – Where the majority of trade, commerce, and cities population resides.
New Steel – Where the kingdoms ruling class and guild halls are housed.
Old Steel – Or the undercity, mines, sewers, and aquaducts are maintained by a handful of workers, as well as the city dregs and criminal tend to migrate here.


After 7 long years of warfare with Middlesteel, Cromis was devastated. In a last ditch effort of it’s mages and artificer’s it constructed the Wyrmwall, through which magic could not penetrate. A double-edged sword, magic is completely non-functional. Middlesteel’s war mages were powerless, and their golem forces disintergrated passing through the barrier. Now Cromis is building a new army of black powder and elite fighters to again wage it’s war against Middlesteel.


A vast city state of Triton, Aquatic Elves, and Striders. Open trade between Middlesteel and Morrow ensure Middlesteel’s naval dominance. Morrow has grown quite dependant on the smithed ores from Middlesteel, as well as it’s magic items & knowledge.


The mountain city of the dwarves and gnomes. Not long after the death of the High King, the massive gates of Quartershift closed, and all trade and outside communication stopped. No word of why or what brought Quartershift’s isolation, but several envoys have been sent, with no response from the inhabitants of the city.

The Elves woodland homes did not survive human expansion and the Age of Fire. Now the elves spend the twilight of their race in these frigid wastelands.


Khardic Khardic Kingdom of the Plains
A feral and wild place, ruled by an empire of Gnolls. Nomadic in nature, these groups live off the land and move cyclical with migrating herd animals.


The last empire of the Dragon Overlords. Here humans still worship dragons as gods, and it has even been rumored that some dragons remain in hiding within the city itself.


Umbrean (Holy City State)
Ruling class of Warrior monks and Kalashtar. Its massive ziggurats dot the landscape, channeling the minds of this empire. Umbrean poses the greatest threat to Middlesteel’s claim for the next High King and ruling empire.


A necropolis city of the orcs. Nearby volcanic eruptions released a Blight into the air, animating the recently deceased into shambling zombies.


A massive hive tower ruled by thri-kreen and other insectoid races.


The myconid and cactae empire established after the fall of the Parliament of Trees.



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